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Full Primary

When you’re ready for the full Ashtanga experience, this is the class for you. In a fast-paced, dynamic sequence that opens new dimensions of the mind-body-breath connection, you will begin to move into a direct experience of Ashtanga Yoga. With careful emphasis on tradition this class presents the Full Primary Series. There will be no music. The breath will be our music. This is a led class. We are traveling together. Please stay with the count of the teacher and move in and out of the postures with the class. Be prepared to sweat. Everyone will be challenged. Hands-on adjustments will be given. No water bottles please.

Half Primary

Build a foundation in our Half Primary Series class, a one-hour class based on traditional Ashtanga Yoga. Begin to learn and use ujjayi breath, the bandhas and drishtis. Practice basic Ashtanga postures in a flowing sequence of movement and experience new potentials of strength and flexibility. There will be no music. The breath will be our music. This is a led class. We are traveling together. Please stay with the count of the teacher and move in and out of postures with the class. Great for students curious about the Ashtanga practice or for students that want to fine tune the basics. Be prepared to sweat. Hands-on adjustments will be given. No water bottles please.

Mysore Style

Build a relationship with your teacher and partake in the ancient tradition of Ashtanga Yoga as it has been taught in India for centuries and is still taught today. Mysore self-practice is the traditional way of practicing Ashtanga Yoga and offers a highly personalized approach. The teacher will know your practice inside and out, and this "class" is quiet – there's very little talking and no music. The breath will be our music. You will lead yourself through the practice with hands-on adjustments and guidance from your teacher. Please do not add postures and please do not skip vinyasas. No water bottles please.

Drop-ins are welcome, but out of fairness to the teacher-student relationship, continuous practice is beneficial to progress and to a fully understanding the Ashtanga method. No practice on full moon or new moon days. Instead please rest. If you're completely new to Ashtanga please contact us before coming to this class.

Slow Flow

Come and enjoy the delicious synthesis of movement, breath, and energy. When the breath and movement are connected in a rythmic fashion the body becomes light and fluid while the mind quiets down and the practitioner finds a sense of calm and presence that is the goal of yoga. This class is active and warm for the first half hour. Once the body has created enough internal heat we move into hip openers, heart openers and deep stretching. For many people, the Slow Flow classes are the perfect mix of challenge and ease, providing a space to get all the mental, emotional and physical benefits of yoga. This class is designed for all levels with modifications provided. New students are always welcome!

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Soothing music and soft lighting set the tone for this gentle, meditative class. Unwind as you move mindfully and release tension through longer held Yin and Restorative poses. The candles will be lit and a deeper internal focus will be encouraged. Perfect for beginners or those just in need of a deep healing—emotionally and physically. This class is a donation class. Pay what you would like. (Suggested donation $0 - $10)

Gentle Flow & Fundamental Yoga

Gentle Flow

A restful, calming class including breathing, gentle flowing movements, passive and supported poses. Learn to get in touch with the breath and to follow it in and out of postures. Accessible to all levels.

Fundamental Yoga

A milder class that focuses on gentle movement. Specific attention will be given to alignment. This is a perfect beginning yoga class that is also appropriate for those working with injury, limited mobility, or who prefer a softer, gentler approach to yoga.


Meditation in the tradition of Yoga is a spiritual practice. The goal is to overcome our worldly attachments and realize our unlimited nature as Soul or Spirit. Join us for beginning meditation classes led by Matt Ismail. Cost: $5 per session; passes not accepted.